Ken Blackwell is an educator, a politician (he was the Mayor of Cincinnati, and Ohio’s Secretary of State)…

…and a man who actively resents Joe Biden’s history with Black citizens – not just the most recent “you ain’t Black” controversy, but his decades-long history.

In that connection, Mr. Blackwell’s latest commentary at lambastes Mr. Biden for pronouncements he has made/actions he has taken over the years that most people, I suspect, do not have a clue about – and most media are not about to tell them about either.

I urge you in strongest terms to use the link I’ve provided and read every word.  But, in the meantime, let me give you just a taste of what is there:

Shut up. Don’t think. Do as your told. See you in four years. That’s what Joe Biden essentially projected to America’s Black community Friday morning.

“If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black,” Biden said on the popular New York City-based Breakfast Club radio show.

Biden’s remarks sent shockwaves across social media and in the political press, but it shouldn’t have shocked anyone. Joe Biden and the Democratic Party have long sowed racial division and promoted identity politics in order to maintain power and control.

When one looks beyond the superficial rhetoric of the Washington-political-class and liberal elite, Joe Biden’s demeaning, arrogant attitude towards the black community over the course of his 40-plus year political career comes into sharper focus.

Biden was ahead of his time when it came to promoting destructive policies and empty promises.

Does that stir your interest level?  I would think so.

But that’s not all.  Mr. Blackwell goes on to explain the negative effect Joe Biden’s history of “deference” (in the form of treating Black people like lesser beings) has damaged his people, and suggest that Joe Biden has a history of treating Black citizens as dependent simpletons who can be counted on to reflexively vote Democrat under all circumstances.

Do I agree completely with everything Ken Blackwell says?  No I do not.  But I agree with a lot of it…and feel that his point of view is well worth reading and considering.

I hope you do both.

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