I’ll make this short and easy to understand.

First, here is what Megyn Kelly was bounced out of NBC for saying:

“So truly you do get in trouble if you are a White person who puts on blackface on Halloween… or a Black person who puts on white face for Halloween?  Back when I was a kid, that was okay as long as you were dressed up in a character.” 

And here, pulled from Mark Simone’s website at WOR radio-New York, is a video, from the year 2000 ,of Jimmy Kimmel, doused in Black goop of some kind, pretending to be NBA basketball player Karl Malone and doing his best to effect a stone-cold racist’s view of how a typical Black man talks:

Do you?  Do you think Karl Malone did?  Do you think Any Black person, or any decent person of any color did?

But did this prevent ABC from hiring Jimmy Kimmel for its late-night show?  Have they ever asked him to say a word about it?  Maybe apologize, something like that?

Yeah, right.

And, if you think he’s the only one,  click here for an equally reprehensible blackface “comedy” routine from ultra-bigmouthed virtue signaler sarah silverman.  Did this end silverman’s career?

Yeah, right again.

There’s your study in media PC.  How do you like it?

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