A new poll has come out, showing that Rep. keith ellison (D-MN), who is running against Republican Doug Wardlow to become Minnesota’s next Attorney General, has gone from a 5% lead last month, to a 7% deficit as of today.

This, by itself, is not especially shocking. Outlier polls show unlikely results all the time.

ellison’s problem, however, is that a) it is not an outlier poll, it was performed for the decidedly leftward Minneapolis Star-Tribune and Minnesota Public Radio, and b) the previous poll, with its 5% deficit for Wardlow, was not from some off-the-beaten-track source, it was from the self-same Star-Tribune/MPR’s previous wave of polling.

Is this a death knell for the political fortunes of racist, farrakhan-supporting, cop killer-supporting ellison? Does it have anything to do with the credible accusations of verbal and physical abuse by ellison against two women, which became public weeks ago?

The answers to those questions, in their order of appearance, are:  I certainly hope so, and it would not bother me one bit if it did.

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