There is an excellent commentary today from Tim Graham, writing for, discussing the fact that Joe Biden is running a stealth campaign in which there is a “lid” (a media term meaning a candidate has no more events that day) constantly being screwed tight on his appearances – with those same media having no problem at all about the fact that it is happening.

Trump is going to enthusiastic campaign events across the country, mocking Biden for hiding in his basement “while I’m working my ass off”.    Here is how Mr. Graham’s piece starts:

Why is Joe Biden always putting a “lid” on his campaign? If you’re not familiar with the press lingo, a “lid” is a note to your press pool that you plan no further public events on your schedule. Biden tends to put a “lid” on it at 9 or 10 in the morning, saying his press corps has nothing to cover.

On September 23, they called a “lid” at 9:30 am – the ninth time they’ve done it this month. Is it due to never-ending debate prep? Biden denied that, saying he’s just getting ready to prepare.

And then, after extensively detailing how completely mainstream media are protecting him from criticism for being “hidin’ Biden”, Graham ends with this:

Let’s bet that if Biden loses, all this extremely cooperative behavior will be upended. The media will complain that Biden was a bad candidate who didn’t campaign and venture outside the bubble enough. As usual, they’ll assign exactly zero blame to their own pusillanimous silence.

Note to Mr. Graham:  yep, that’s a bet I would make.

What happened to serious media coverage?  Where did it go?  How did it get so hopelessly politicized in one direction?

How I wish this would turn around.  But, at least in the short term, I don’t see any likelihood that a return to at least somewhat evenhanded mainstream media reporting is in our future.

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