Once upon a time, Katie Couric was a vibrant, highly engaging co-host on The Today Show. She was on top of the world.

Then it was decided that she was a serious journalist.  And that was the end of her.

She took over CBS Evening News in 2006, after Dan Rather was dumped, and moved it exactly nowhere. (That is when I started calling her “Katie Carwreck”.)

Then she hosted the “Katie” daytime talk show, and it was cancelled for low ratings.

Now she is global anchor of Yahoo! News…which is about as prestigious as fourth place in the Peoria Tiddlywinks Open.

But, just when you thought things could not go worse for Ms. Couric, her own dishonesty sends them careening to the bottom of the barrel.

Excerpted from David Hookstead’s article at dailycaller.com”

Newly surface(d) audio revealed that a Katie Couric-hosted documentary, called “Under the Gun,” intentionally edited video to make pro-gun Americans appear dumbfounded.

That audio, obtained by The Washington Free Beacon, shows that the movie was edited in an overwhelmingly deceptive fashion. 

In the clip, Couric asks a group of pro-gun individuals from the Virginia Citizens Defense League, “If there are no background checks for gun purchasers, how do you prevent felons or terrorists from purchasing a gun?”

In the film, the pro-gun group appears to be stunned into silence, with no apparent answer to the question.

But a separate audio recording of the conversation reveals that the group responded quickly, and hit Couric back with nearly 4 minutes of thoughts on the subject.

In other words, the tape was doctored, to intentionally mislead viewers.

What a disgrace.  What a pathetic demonstration of yellow journalism.

According to thewrap.com, the insertion of that pause was made by Ms. Couric’s Director, stephanie soechtig.

But let’s be clear:  Katie Couric ALLOWED the edit to stand.  She is 100% as guilty as soechtig is.

Are you interested in stephanie soechtig’s explanation?  OK, let’s see how strong your stomach is:

“I don’t think I misrepresented gun owners or the people featured in the film….my intention was to provide a pause for the viewer to have a moment to consider this important question before presenting the facts on Americans’ opinions on background checks. I never intended to make anyone look bad and I apologize if anyone felt that way.”

That comment actually broke my BS detector.  Because of stephanie soechtig, I have to go out and get a new one.

But – again – let’s not forget that the final word on this schlockumentary belonged to Katie Couric.  If she wanted the fraudulent pause out, it would have been out.

Why did Couric allow this?  I don’t know.  Maybe she thinks she still works for NBC News.

But if Yahoo! keeps her or stephanie soechtig on after this, it would be hard not to conclude the Yahoo! folks are as ethically compromised as they apparently are.

UPDATE:  Now Couric has “taken responsibility” for this disgrace.  Here’s how:

As Executive Producer of “Under the Gun,” a documentary film that explores the epidemic of gun violence, I take responsibility for a decision that misrepresented an exchange I had with members of the Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL).

Translation:  I’m busted.  I have to say something.  So I’ll say that, as executive producer, I’m stuck with having to take responsibility….though it’s not like I actually did anything.  Aren’t you impressed with how humble I am?

This has all the sincerity of a three card monte dealer.


  • ANY time you see an apology containing words like
    “If I have offended anyone” or
    “I apologize if anyone felt that way”
    It AUTOMATICALLY qualifies as total insincerity and BullFeathers.

  • This has to make you wonder how many times she has done this before. If it weren’t for someone in that group having the foresight to record the interview we would have never known this.
    Did Couric have any reports on the planned parenthood videos of them selling babies body parts???

    • I assume it happens ongoingly, and not just with Katie Couric. When I wrote my book, and then when I was in the middle of the Hobby Lobby controversy with a week of more or less continuous media interviews, I lost count of the number of mistakes made on even simple things that were not involved with anyone’s agenda. Toss in the agenda and it must be off the charts.

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