Three days ago I put up this overtly racist tweet by karen attiah, the Washington Post’s “Global Opinions Editor”:

I pointed out that:

If a White Washington Post staffer stereotyped all White people and threatened all Black women this way, I have no doubt whatsoever that she would already have lost her job.  And maybe, at some point in the near future, the Washington Post will be shamed into removing Karen Attiah (how ironic, that first name is) from her position as well.

But not yet.  As of now she’s still employed.

Well, three days later, she’s still employed.

And it turns out attiah has a history of putting up overtly racist crap attacking White people as a group, based entirely on the color of their skin.  She does it on a regular basis.  Click here for her twitter page and see for yourself.

Here’s just one example:

Karen Attiah
Replying to

Perhaps now, what we finally see is a collective white shame and guilt about these cruelties. So white people, you guys need to figure this out how to erase the emotional rewards of sadistic pleasure white people have long enjoyed in dominating and destroying black bodies.


Got that?  All Whites.  Every one of them.  No exceptions.

Try to imagine what would have happened if this were a White Washington Post editor writing about Black people.

But – and this is the key point – in the eyes of the Jeff Bezos-owned Washington Post, this is just fine.  It is the “good” racism, not the “bad” racism.

Racism, you see, is fine with people like Bezos (and there are a ton of them in media)…so long as it is directed at the right race.

I hope this sickens you as much as it sickens me.

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