Interesting turn of events in that bitter paternity lawsuit between Joe Biden’s ne’er-do-well son hunter, and Lunden Alexis Roberts, the stripper he impregnated, then denied the baby was his…until a paternity test proved he was lying.

All of a sudden Circuit Judge Don McSpadden, who has had no problem presiding over the child custody lawsuit until today, has decided to recuse himself.

Since there was no recusal request until now, I think we are supposed to believe something happened recently that motivated Judge McSpadden to make himself scarce.

Hmmm.  One thing that happened recently was Judge McSpadden’s ruling that Biden has to release his last five tax returns.

What a coincidence.

I am no conspiracy theorist.  But it doesn’t take a lot to be suspicious here.  Very, very suspicious.

I’ll hold off speculating until the trial resumes on January 7 and we find out where the new judge is on release of the tax returns – assuming this case doesn’t magically, mystically disappear beforehand, complete with a nondisclosure agreement on the terms of closure.

If we’re talking about hunter biden, just about anything is possible…other than a report that he has done something productive, beneficial or positive for anyone but himself.

Nice of most mainstream media to continue shielding him from scrutiny though.

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