Have you ever seen a political death wish in progress?

If not, here’s your chance.

From Josh Gerstein’s article for politico.com:

Democrats are showing no signs of backing off their battle against newly minted Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, pressing forward with legal fights to unearth potentially damaging records that didn’t go public during the white-hot nomination contest.

Democratic leaders are taking steps to obtain and release detailed documents and emails about the sexual assault allegations against him and disputed aspects of his service during the Bush administration.While Democrats are strategizing to get what they consider the most potentially impactful records out soon, it’s all but certain that the process will drag on for years and perhaps even decades.

Brett Kavanaugh has been confirmed and is now on the Supreme Court. That battle is over.

And, for Democrats, it is just as well, because polling shows that independent voters – the segment most likely to swing elections – feel, by a wide margin, that Democrats treated Judge Kavanaugh unfairly.

Assuming the polls are accurate, common sense would dictate that – at least until after the mid-term votes are counted – Democrats would be wise to shut up about Kavanaugh and try, as best they can, to change the subject.

Moreover, the treatment of Kavanaugh by Democrats, and by their hard-left supporters (without a word of criticism by Democrats) has clearly energized the Republican base – another reason to let it go.

But if Josh Gerstein has things right, that is the polar opposite of what Democrats are doing.

Instead of trying to talk about something else – what positive actions they propose to move the country forward would be a nice alternative – Democrats seem hell-bent to keep going after Brett Kavanaugh, even after the attempt to keep him from the Supreme Court failed.

The most likely result?  Democrats’ “plan of action” (if you can call it one) will keep alive the disgust independent voters have for their behavior.  And it will continue to energize Republican voters, who will almost certainly go to the polls in greater numbers because of it -quite possibly, joined by moderate Democrats who are as repulsed by this behavior as they are.

That is a political death wish if there ever was one.

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