If there is a more repugnant personality on TV than joy behar, I am unaware of who that person is… and very happy to stay that way.

Here, via the following excerpts from Kristine Marsh’s article for, is her latest example of ignorant, hate-filled stupidity –  her comments to former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie about the deadly shooting in a Jersey City kosher food market:

…Behar immediately went to blame Trump and the right.

“Yes. You will concede that the national — these white nationalists have been let out out of their holes,” she scolded.

Christie didn’t push back against Behar’s unfounded claim but agreed “ethnic and religious bias” had no place in this country. “We need to continue speaking out against it and drown their voices out,” he argued. But Behar couldn’t be appeased. She went on to tie in Trump:

“The liar in chief is the one who spouting all this stuff! He’s the one. Well just the other day he used an anti-Semitic trope. Trump did. I mean, he’s the worst one! And he’s at the top!” she ranted angrily.

 Brilliant. Just brilliant.

Other than the fact that the “White nationalists” behar was ranting about turned out to be Black racist anti-Semites, and the “anti-Semitic trope” guy, President Trump, signed his executive order protecting Jewish students from anti-Semitism and colleges and universities around the country, she had it perfectly right.

What a sad, pathetic excuse for a (fill in your own word) joy behar is.

And what a sad, pathetic excuse for a show “The View” is, to have someone like this as a regular.

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