No need to write much here; I’ll let Brian Flood do it for me, via the following excerpt from his article at

MSNBC provided viewers with one of the most tone-deaf moments in cable news history on Tuesday when Andrea Mitchell asked Joy Reid about a racist tweet that Roseanne Barr sent about former Obama aide Valerie Jarrett.

Last month, Reid famously kinda-sorta admitted to writing homophobic slurs that she’d previously insisted were the work of diabolical hackers. 

On Tuesday, after Barr sent a racist tweet, Mitchell asked Reid – who is in Philadelphia to co-moderate a town hall event – about social media behavior in a moment that was captured by TheWrap’s Jon Levine.

Mitchell asked, “What do you have to do on social media to get fired from a top rated show on an American broadcast network?”

It is bad enough that joy ann reid, who never fails to put just about everything in racial terms, not only issued a raft of homophobic comments years ago, but then lied about the fact that she did so.

It’s bad enough that MSNBC’s “brain trust”, hypocrites that they are, did not do a thing about it.

But to then, knowing reid’s sorry background and dishonesty, to set her up as a judge of Roseanne Barr, as if she had some kind of moral authority? Beyond belief.

How ironic that Roseanne Barr, by posting that repulsive, offensive tweet – which she quickly took down and apologized for, let’s remember – has opened a pandora’s box of hypocrisy for the sanctimonious crowd people and organizations so quick to judge her.

No one can tell for sure, but it is starting to look like a very good bet that a great many among this bunch are going to deeply egret Barr’s tweet – not for what it had done to her, but for what it will do to them.

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