Another political prisoner has been released by a USA-hating government, with no apparent payoff (ransom) to that country.

From an article at CBS News:

Joshua Holt, who traveled to Venezuela from Utah in 2016 to marry a Spanish-speaking Mormon woman but soon found himself jailed and later branded the CIA’s top spy in Latin America, has been set free by the anti-American Maduro government. 

He says he was “overwhelmed with gratitude.”

Holt and his wife, Thamara Caleno, arrived Saturday evening at Washington Dulles International Airport for a tearful reunion with his parents, Laurie and Jason Holt. A few hours later President Trump welcomed them to the White House, saying it was a “very tough ordeal.” He said Holt had been through more than “most people could endure.” 

Mr. Trump said there have been 17 prisoners released since he became president. He specially mentioned Egyptian-American charity worker Aya Hijazi, calling her a “fantastic young woman,” and the three men recently released from North Korea. 

The Utah man’s mother, Laurie Holt, thanked Mr. Trump and the lawmakers for her son’s safe return, adding: “I also want to say thank you to President Maduro for releasing Josh and letting him to come home.”

A reminder:  Barack Obama paid the Iranian terrorist regime $400 million dollars to to get four of our citizens back.  And he released five senior taliban terrorists to get back bowe bergdahl, the deserter who, for my money, the taliban could just as well have kept.

By contrast, President Trump is retrieving prisoners in return for – at least so far as we know – nothing.

Could it be that, unlike Mr. Obama, world leaders are concerned that if they don’t play ball, Mr. Trump will actually do something about it?

We’ll never know for sure.  But I see that as a pretty strong likelihood.  And, regardless, we’ve gotten them back, haven’t we?

Now, see if mainstream media give him the credit for this that they gave Mr. Obama for paying off bribes.

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