Apropos of nothing political – at least not from this century…

…please click here for a video of the fabulous Jonathan Groff, as King George III, singing the transfixing “You’ll Be Back” from Hamilton – by far, Broadway”s hottest ticket (and well deserved, to say the least).

Then, if you love it – which I have little doubt you will –  click here for all three of his King George songs…

…and be assured that Mr. Groff’s performance is not the only great one:  the entire cast is uniformly superb – especially Daniel Breaker as Aaron Burr.

Then, if you’re as lucky as we were the Wednesday before last (on two hours notice, we got 9th row-center seats at the box office…which, I assume, someone had just returned – talk about being in the right place at the right time!) maybe you will have the good fortune to see the entire show (with Marc dela Cruz as King George – every bit as terrific as Jonathan Groff).

Lin-Manuel Miranda is one of the great musical geniuses of our time.  All time.  And Hamilton is a true masterpiece.

Ok, now back to today’s politics, where we didn’t have to wait 40 years for some of its practitioners to go as mad as George III did.

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