Yesterday, former TV personality and long-time 9/11 victims’ advocate Jon Stewart lashed out at congress for its inaction in reauthorizing the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund.

He did not mention (nor did the NBC report his testimony) that, for this legislation to go forward, it has to pass through the house Judiciary Committee…

…the one chaired by career political hack Jerrold Nadler (D-NY), which has spent the past weeks attacking President Trump on charges of collusion and obstruction – both blown away by the mueller report – instead of addressing the needs of 9/11 victims.

On Monday, for example, it was more important for Nadler to exhume John Dean, so he could bloviate about the 45 year old Watergate scandal he was convicted and disbarred for (great witness, very credible I’m sure) than to take action on 9/11 funding.

If this were a Republican-led committee, you can bet it would have been a featured element of this story.  But the only party reference on NBC’s report was concern about possible inaction by the “Republican-led Senate”…which, in fact, doesn’t see this funding legislation until Nadler’s committee acts.

Anyone still wondering why I rail about media bias?

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  • At this point is it all attributable to bias? At some point we have to consider maybe they are just idiots. Or perhaps maybe both.

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