John Perazzo is the Managing Editor of and a regular contributor to

His latest piece, titled “Baltimore as a Democrat City”, is an angry, insulting, often offensive “j\’accuse” screed, aimed at President Obama and how he has addressed the situation in Baltimore.

It is also, however, loaded with facts and loaded with logical conclusions that can be drawn from those facts.  Which is why it is must-reading for anyone who wants to go beyond the Obama/mainstream media narrative which is currently being spoon-fed to whatever part of the public still believes anything Mr. Obama or mainstream media says.

You can – and absolutely should – click here to read Mr. Perazzo\’s entire piece.  Below is just a small taste of what you will find:

President One-Note says we\’re just not spending enough to buy civil peace in places like Baltimore … and Ferguson … and New York. So let\’s consider his assertion that if we want to raise happy, well-adjusted young people, we need to spend more generously on their education. In Baltimore, taxpayers are currently spending $16,578 per year for each pupil in the city\’s public schools. Not only is this 48% more than the national average of $10,608, but it\’s more than any other country on the face of the earth spends on public education.

One wonders exactly how much would be enough to satisfy President One-Note. Sixty percent more than the national average? Eighty percent more? Fifty thousand percent more?

Baltimore\’s property taxes are twice as high as those of any other jurisdiction in Maryland or the District of Columbia. But of course that\’s not nearly enough to satisfy President One-Note.

And what, pray tell, does Baltimore have to show for its gargantuan expenditures? Not much at all. Today, the city\’s residents have a median household income that is about 45% below Maryland\’s state average, and a poverty rate nearly 70% higher than the national average. Among America\’s 100 most populous cities, Baltimore ranks 87th in median household income. And thanks to an endless succession of city leaders spending taxpayer money like drunken Democrats, by December 2012 the unfunded pension liabilities that Baltimore owed to its retired police and firefighters had reached a staggering $765 million. Meanwhile, the city\’s violent crime rate is almost 4 times higher than the national average. As a Cato Institute report puts it: “Baltimore deserves the Third-World profile it has developed because it has expanses of crumbling, crime-riddled neighborhoods populated by low-income renters, an absent middle class, and just a few enclaves of high-income gentry near the Inner Harbor or in suburbs.”

Thank you for this information, Mr. Perazzo.  Thank you for enumerating the facts that mainstream media will not..because they buy into the Obama narrative and/or they are scared excrementless that al sharpton or jesse jackson or Barack Obama, or someone at MSNBC is going to call them racist.

Is this worthwhile, important reading?  You\’re damn right it is. 

The more informed you are, the better able you are to know what is really going on and why.  Therefore reading this will put you ahead of virtually everybody who relies on mainstream media for their news.

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