Once Senator John McCain declined further treatment for his brain cancer, we knew the end was near.

It came yesterday.

John McCain was known as a war hero and served five terms in the United States Senate.  Regardless of his political views, a great many people – me included – considered him a giant of our times.

And, I would like to think (but don’t know), at least one President of the United States wishes that, during the heat of a political campaign, he had shut his mouth instead of personally insulting Mr. McCain and his war record.

That President, Donald Trump, is now trying to make amends with his posthumous tribute to the late Mr. McCain.  He can’t – which, in a more perfect world, would communicate to him that viciously personal attacks are not erased by making nice after the fact.  They’re still out there, just as vicious, just as personal and won’t be forgotten.

I can only hope (with very little confidence) that President Trump has learned something from this…

…as I hope John McCain will rest in well-earned peace.

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  • I wonder how many of those who are praising him this morning actually voted for him in 2008? Very few I’d say.

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