You want to count the lies John Kerry tells? It probably would help to bring a calculator.

Glenn Kessler, the lifelong Democrat who fact-checks for the Washington Post, found this out (as if he didn’t already know) when he did a little digging into Mr. Kerry’s claims about his early-on involvement in the global warming windfall for grant money, er, indisputable reality.

You can read his entire piece by clicking here.  But let me show you a few salient excerpts:

The Fact Checker recently gave Four Pinocchios to Secretary of State John F. Kerry for repeatedly making the false claim that he organized the first Senate hearing on climate change. In the article, we recounted an often-told anecdote about the most famous climate-change hearing – the June 23, 1988 hearing at which James E. Hansen, then head of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies, declared it was 99 percent certain that a global warming trend was the result of human activity.

As shown in the quote above, we said the hearing was amplified for “stage effect” – a sweltering day made worse by leaving the hearing room windows open. The anecdote has been repeated in books and news articles, and Kerry often mentioned it in his remarks as if he had personally witnessed it.

For skeptics of climate change, the story has become an example of how left-leaning politicians have manipulated public perceptions on the issue.

But after the March 15 article was published, we received information suggesting that the stage-effect anecdote is simply not true.

Frankly, this now puts Kerry’s statements in an even a worse light. Not only did he place himself at a hearing he did not organize and attend, but he described witnessing events that did not happen.

This, of  course, is the same John Kerry who also spent years suggesting (without exactly saying it) that he was Irish to get votes in Irish-heavy Massachusetts, despite the fact that he has not one drop of Irish blood in him (the name Kerry was anglicized from Kohn when his paternal grandfather, a Czechoslovakian Jew named Fritz Kohn, changed his name to Frederick Kerry and converted to Catholicism).

With the above in mind, I would like to close by making a retraction.

For years I have blogged that John Kerry, in his 30-plus years as a Senator and now Secretary Of State, has managed to produce virtually no accomplishments.

That is untrue.  He is an accomplished liar.


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