I doubt that’s John Hinderaker hates Democrats so much that he would, under normal circumstances, generalize about them the way he has in his latest commentary.

But these are not normal circumstances.  So I understand his exasperation.

Here are its first four paragraphs:

Just in the last few days, the liberal outrages have been hard to keep up with: hounding the Secretary of Homeland Security out of a restaurant, then “demonstrating” on her lawn with chants and blaring audio of crying children; denying the White House Press Secretary and her family dinner at a Virginia restaurant; trying to get Hall of Fame basketball player Kevin McHale fired from his job as an NBA announcer because he attended a speech by the President of the United States; falsely accusing an ICE agent who is a double amputee as a result of an IED explosion in Afghanistan of being a neo-Nazi; confronting the Attorney General of Florida as she left a movie theater. And that is only a partial list, covering only the last few days.

You will note that usually, when harassment takes place in person, the victim is a woman. I suppose members of the fascist “Resistance” are afraid of getting punched. They should be.

How many Americans know about these outrages? How many understand that the Democratic Party’s most stalwart supporters are stark, raving mad? Not enough. The liberal press generally covers up, downplays, or tries to portray in a positive light Brownshirt tactics by its allies. But it is important to understand that there is no “respectable” Democratic Party that is distinguishable from the disgusting Brownshirt “Resistance.”

Have you seen a single Democrat politician denounce, criticize, or try to distance himself or herself from any of the outrageous incidents itemized above? I haven’t. The fact is that Democrat politicians view “Resistance” Brownshirts as their storm troopers, leading the way to victory in November and beyond.

Now that is exasperation.

And while I disagree, viscerally, with Mr. Hinderaker that all Democrats are comfortable with what is being done on their behalf, the fact is that a) the incidents he cites all happened and b) the Democrats who find these behaviors unacceptable, both in moral terms and in a way that could be attached to their party, have not come forward so far…

…which, my visceral belief notwithstanding, could mean there aren’t any to come forward.

Do these people not realize that this, in no small part, is what caused Donald Trump to be elected President?  Do they not realize that the same effect – maybe even moreso – is likely to be at play in the midterm elections?

In 2016, the media – which had no problem at all defaming Trump and ignoring the countless acts of vandalism and violence against his supporters –  “knew” Hillary Clinton was going to win the election.  She didn’t.

In 2018, as the incidents described by John Hinderaker continue, most media and pollsters “know” Democrats are going to retake the House of Representatives; maybe even the Senate as well.

Remind me:  how did Albert Einstein define insanity?

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