Andrew Klavan is a conservative partisan who writes for  But he also is a talented political analyst who raises relevant points and makes defensible conclusions about them.

His latest commentary – a dissection of John Brennan, former Obama-appointed CIA Director, is no exception.

Here are a few key excerpts:

Former CIA Director John Brennan has become the sleaziest man on cable news — and that, my friends, is saying something. He continually peddles wholly unsubstantiated horror stories about the president of the United States, stories which the insanely anti-Trump press is only too happy to echo and magnify. It’s time to  wonder just what this guy is trying to accomplish and why.

After accusing the president of “venality, moral turpitude, and political corruption” for making (Andrew) McCabe a “scapegoat,” Brennan rose up out of the MSNBC cesspit called Morning Joe to deliver this completely fanciful scenario about what might happen next. Calling Trump a “cornered animal,” he said he feared Trump might try to distract us from his own wrongdoing by starting a war.r just what this guy is trying to accomplish and why.

All this is nothing new for Brennan. Michael Doran of the Hudson Institute has assembled a timeline from mainstream news stories which he believes shows that it was Brennan (probably with Barack Obama’s approval) who began the whole Trump-Russia collusion fantasy. It was Brennan who used Democrat senators like the truth-challenged Harry Reid as “ventriloquist’s dummies” to spread Hillary Clinton’s anti-Trump propaganda to the public and Brennan who pressured the FBI to investigate the Trump campaign using Clinton materials like the scurrilous Steele Dossier.

Mr. Klavan goes on from there.  And, while I again remind you that he is far from a neutral journalist, let’s also remember that valid, referenced points are just that; valid, referenced points.  Klavan makes plenty of them.

I strongly suggest you use the link I’ve provided, read his entire piece, and judge for yourself.

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