Over his years as President, I have frequently made mention of Donald Trump’s thin skin.

But, in Mr. Trump’s case, it often wasn’t his think skin, it was that the White House press corps relentlessly battered him with hard, aggressive, often nastily framed questions.

By contrast, Joe Biden just sailed through a presidential “campaign” (if you can even call it that) with virtually no hard questions or challenges at all..

So what happens when he gets a respectfully asked, but controversial question?

Let’s get our answer via this tweet from CBS reporter Bo Erickson:

Erickson on Friday posted a tweet about the incident. He has been covering the Biden campaign for CBS News

In case you had any doubt, Biden after whining about the shouted-out question (which a) was not shouted and b) even if it had been, that is exactly what Trump has lived with in every press conference for four years), did not answer Mr. Erickson.

Was it because he is as thin-skinned as Trump?

Was it because he didn’t used to be thin-skinned, but has become that way after almost a year of having his rear region gently kissed by the media?

Was it because, at age 78 and clearly in diminished cognitive capacity – another issue willingly buried by most media – he is frustrated by the fact that he is incapable of providing an answer?

I don’t know the answer.  But I do know that if we have elected a President Biden, we have elected a career politician with diminished skills, who – it seems to me – is nowhere near capable of handling this job…which, in turn, suggests that he will be overseen/controlled by the people around him.

I suggest you take a good look at the people around him and think about them as co-presidents.  See what condition it puts your stomach in.

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