Joe Biden did not campaign at all yesterday.

But today he did have one event; a speech in Philadelphia, just a short ride from his basement bunker in Delaware.

Here is the beginning of that speech.  Please look, listen, and decide for yourself if Mr. Biden is up to the rigors of being President of The United States:


But wait, there’s more.

Eventually, when he finally musters enough strength to sound like he didn’t just come out of a coma, Biden shares this amazing statistic with us:

Did he just say 200,000,000 of us would be dead from the coronavirus?  And that it would happen by the time his speech ended?

Uh….yes he did.

And here is how Mr. Biden’s speech ends.  Please note that he does not stick around for any questions – presumably because, in this forum, they would be real – not scripted, with time to rehearse the answers:

To review:  Biden starts off sounding like he just regained consciousness, then makes an impossibly ludicrous statement about the virus and doesn’t even realize he did so, then bugs out so that he doesn’t have to answer even one question.

Remember:  it’s not like Biden has been careening from one political event to the other and has lost track of things in the rush from one place to another.  It is his one and only event in two days.

Can anyone look me in the eye and seriously tell me this man is capable of being President?  Even close?

Based on today’s “performance”, I don’t know that I’d trust him to run a lemonade stand.


  • Yikes : /

    That’s scary. They’ll have to pump him full of something strong to make him look somewhat normal for the debates, assuming he even shows up for them.

    • As I’m sure you know, I have serious doubts that he’ll participate in debates. I will not at all be surprised if he either uses something offensive that Trump says (and Trump certainly provides the material) to feign outrage and deem Trump unworthy of being a debate partner…or how up at the first debate, feign outrage at something Trump says early on, and walk off, vowing not to debate then or afterwards.

      I hope I’m wrong about this. But I just can’t fathom Biden’s puppeteers putting him out there to extemporize, and try to deal with tough questions, for any length of time.

  • I was at the Trump rally in Bemidji Minnesota Friday. The contrast between what I just saw with Biden mumbling his speech in a semi conscious state and the incredible energy and electricity when Trump emerged from Air Force One is impossible to describe. Trump went on to speak mostly off the cuff for over an hour and a half, then flew back to DC to take care of the nation’s business the next day before flying to North Carolina that evening for another rally. The guy is a dynamo, indefatigable, one of a kind. We’ve never seen anything like him.

    • We’ve never seen anything like him.

      And thanks to our media, we will probably never see another. Who would ever want to go through what President Trump has?

      • I agree. Donald Trump’ s sacrifice for this country rivals the Founding Fathers. The “Deep State” is doing everything in their power to punish him, to make an example of him so no outsider will ever run for President again. Donald Trump is a truly great man of honor who loves this country and it’s people enough to risk everything he has to try to save America before it is irretrievably lost. We MUST re-elect him!

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