Remember when Democrat primary voters rejected hard-leftists like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren in favor of Joe Biden, because he was the “moderate” candidate?

Well, now that Biden is the presumptive Democrat nominee, how’s that “moderate” description holding up?

Not well…as shown in Sydney Ember and Thomas Kaplan’s article for the New York Times.

Here are the first three paragraphs:

Allies of Joseph R. Biden Jr. and Senator Bernie Sanders unveiled a sweeping set of joint policy recommendations on Wednesday, a significant if tentative sign of cooperation among Democrats as Mr. Biden’s campaign continues its appeals to the progressive left.

Mr. Biden is expected to adopt many of the recommendations, which were submitted by six policy task forces and cover a wide range of issues including health care, criminal justice, education and climate change.

For all of the details, the lengthy recommendation document amounted to a collection of widely acceptable liberal proposals, many of which Mr. Biden has already embraced in his bid for party unity. And they come at a time when policy differences that stood out in the primary campaign have largely faded to the backdrop as Democrats look toward a shared goal: defeating President Trump.

Translation:  “I stayed somewhere near the middle to get these suckers to vote for me.  But now that I’m going to be the candidate, I’m veering hard-left to get the Sanders and Warren people on board.  As for the suckers who thought I was a moderate?  Who cares?  If they don’t like Trump they’ll vote for me anyway.  I own them.”

For Joe Biden, a career politician (nearing a half-century of playing these games), there are no principles.  There are no issues he can’t be convinced to change.  There is only whatever he can say to get more votes.

So if aligning with the socialist/communist Bernie Sanders looks like a net gain, there are no second thoughts; full steam ahead.

And what would Joe Biden be/say/do if he won the presidency?  Think of him as the human version of Nancy Pelosi’s famous comment about passing ObamaCare to find out what was in it:  “We have to elect Joe Biden so that you can find out what is in him.”

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