Was Joe Biden drunk?  Or on mind-affecting medications?  Or, at age 76, has he lost some level of mental acuity?

How else do you describe the montage of slurring and mispronunciations from last night’s speech in Pittsburgh, a video of which was put together by Tom Elliott of and can be seen/heard by clicking here?

“The baladanny (Allegheny) County executive?

-Hudge fund managers?

-The UAW took extredable cuts in their pensions?


Look, you might or might not like what President Trump has to say.  But he still has the ability to get in front of a packed stadium and speak extemporaneously for over an hour – something most public figures half his age would not be able to do.

But this was Joe Biden, speaking for less than a half hour from a teleprompter, doing nothing but reciting a bunch of obviously pre-scripted lines – and being incapable of delivering them.

You have to wonder….

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