It is no surprise that Joe Biden is trying to take credit for the peace deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) – with more countries quite possibly to come in the near future.  Biden – as empty a suit as there is in D.C. –  has spent a career accomplishing virtually nothing, while trying to take credit for other people’s successes.

But, in this case, there may be some credit due.

From Joel B. Pollak’s article at

U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman told Breitbart News Daily on Friday morning that former Vice President Joe Biden had contributed to the peace deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) only by being so “hostile.”

“I think the credit that he [Biden] deserves is he was — they were so bad and so hostile to both Israel and the Emirates that it caused both of them to commiserate a little bit, which was something that we were able to take advantage of when the president [Trump] took office,” Friedman said.

“So, to that extent, I think the Obama policy was so terrible that it probably created more of a commonality of interest between Israel and the Emirates.”

The Iran nuclear deal, in particular, which was enthusiastically pushed by the Obama-Biden administration, was a threat to both Israel and the UAE.

I suspect that Ambassador Friedman’s “credit” to Joe Biden is more sarcastic than anything.  But his point about the Obama/Biden administration treating Israel, in particular, horribly, and the fact that they kissed the behinds of the terrorists in Iran, is not sarcasm, it is dead-center accurate.

So congratulations, Joe.  That’s the “credit” you get.  Somehow, I doubt you’ll be putting it on your résumé, though.


  • The media just got a gift. Now they can report that
    ‘High Level American and Israel Government Officials admit Biden Instrumental in UAE Pal Israel Peace Accord’.

    [notice how the media puts the UAE first and were tempted to write Palestine instead.]

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