There is a harsh reality that has to be faced.  Joe Biden is not all there.

That is not meant as a sarcasm, or a political statement.  That is meant as an objective evaluation based on numerous, and growing, examples.

Here is the latest, from Biden’s appearance, yesterday, while he was speaking to a group of Teamsters.

Mr. Biden’s verbatim dialogue:

“…$1.2 billion.  So ya go ahead and ya stack spaghetti sauce in the store, in-in-in-in a supermarket.  You control the guy, the woman who runs thi, ru-ru,brings out the carts on-on-on-on on a fork lift.  What happens?”

What is this man saying?  What could come before or after those words that would put them in some kind of coherent context?

And that is on top of his bizarre “the kids loved to rub my legs to see the hair go up and down and I love to have kids on my lap and something about roaches” incoherence just days ago in Delaware.

Folks, I say this with sorrow:  Joe Biden is not all there.  Not anymore.  And there is no way to hide it.

You may or may not have liked Joe Biden in the past.  But the reasons, I assume, were political.

This, by contrast, is not a matter or liking or disliking the man.  This is a problem – a major one – with where and how far his mental acuity has fallen.

Over the past years, I’ve written the same kinds of things about Rudy Giuliani and Bill Clinton.  But Biden’s situation appears much worse, much more advanced.

The decent people around Mr. Biden – the ones who truly care about his well-being, his legacy – ought to be having a talk with him.  A very frank talk that he is not going to want to hear, but has to.

The sooner, the better, for all concerned.

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  • Imagine if he were our next president, we know the D’s have manipulated the primary in 2016, so Hillary would beat Sanders, we know they don’t want to enact any laws that would make our elections more secure, so Biden winning isn’t as far fetched as you may think. At least we have the Deep State to keep an eye on him if he wins.

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