Over the past months I have put up example after example of the fact – I don’t think there is any doubt now – that Joe Biden, whatever he was in the past, is damaged goods today and has no business running for president, let alone being nominated by a major party.

Today, he put in TV appearances on CNN, MSNBC and The View – three Democrat-friendly venues that want Donald Trump out of office and would happily facilitate Biden’s victory over him any way they could.

But instead of a series of victory laps, Biden”s day was a disaster – as shown by the compilation of video clips put together for Tom Elliott’s article at

Want to see/hear for yourself?  Here’s the video (but you can use the link for a larger version).



The coughing.  The stammering.  The mid-sentence loss of what he was talking about.  Biden comes across looking/sounding less like a serious presidential candidate than a Saturday Night Live skit.

I will end this blog the way I titled it:  Joe Biden has no business running for president.

And I have to believe that a great many Democrats now know this every bit as well as I do.

What will they do about it?  What can they do about it?  We may soon find out.


  • IMHO Biden is NOT running for president.

    He is a place holder, while the Dem elites sort out Hillary or Andy Cuomo or some other extreme Lefty.

    Probably will be a brokered convention.

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