Did Joe Biden seriously call our troops “stupid bastards” during a speech four years ago?

The answer is maybe.

There is no doubt that he used the words.  You can hear that on the video below:

My initial assumption was that Biden did not mean the comment literally, he was trying to be sarcastically humorous and taking liberties because it was a military crowd used to that kind of language.  In other words, maybe in poor taste but not meant insultingly.

The problem, though, is that Biden’s facial expression after saying it seemed dead serious.  He wasn’t laughing or even smiling.  And that turns the “obviously he didn’t mean it that way” into a “maybe he didn’t mean it that way”.

In any event, you’ve just heard what he said.  And you’ve just seen his face after saying it.

You be the judge.

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  • At least that article from The Atlantic makes more sense now. I couldn’t figure out, why out of the blue they wrote such a bizarre story claiming Trump had disrespected the troops, now I can see it was to cover for Biden’s disrespect.

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