Want to see an FBI director systematically taken apart and put back together again?

Here’s your chance:  the seven minute evisceration by Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) of current FBI Director Christopher Wray, during which Jordan grills him on how in the world an anti-Trump operative like Peter Strzok could have been allowed to have his fingerprints all over just about every part of the Mueller investigation/Star Chamber.

How complete was the overhaul job on Wray?  Watch and see for yourself:

Holy Excrement.

Fay Wray had a better shot against King Kong than Christopher Wray did against Jordan.

The most meaningful part? Where Jordan notes why Strzok, at least ostensibly, was removed from the investigation (passing around anti-Trump emails), points out that it is the smallest of small potatoes compared to what he was involved with, and concludes that there has to be something more to this.

Jordan is right.  And I hope he uncovers what it is; the sooner the better.

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