jenny durkan, the idiot Mayor of Seattle, and Jay Inslee, the useless Governor of Washington, allowed Antifa anarchists, BLM radicals/extortionists and street thugs to take over part of the Capitol Hill section of Seattle – for over three weeks.

Only when they protested in front of durkan’s house did she do anything about it (i.e. the residents, business owners of the streets she allowed to be taken over didn’t count.  But her night’s sleep did).

And now that the so-called “CHOP” takeover has been removed, this is the thanks durkan is getting.

The video, if accurately described, took place from about 10:20 PM Seattle time.


Enjoy the show?  I’ll just bet durkan…and her neighbors…were enthralled.

This is what the people of Capitol Hill were subjected to for almost a month.  I wonder how many of them called it a “summer festival” or “block party” the way their idiot Mayor did.

I wonder if that’s how she thinks of it now.

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