As you probably already know, Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide this morning – the day after 2,000 pages of material were unsealed, much of it detailing his relationships with underage girls.

He was found in his cell, hanged, at about 7:30AM

Considering that he was on “suicide watch”, there is a lot of explaining that has to be done here – and a lot of suspicions sure to follow (i.e. another person who could damage the Clintons suddenly dying).

Ironically – and, I assure you, coincidentally – my previous blog, about Bill Clinton’s relationship with Epstein, was written just after the time he was found (but, to my knowledge, before his suicide was reported).

I might have held off on writing it – at least for today –  if I knew he was killing himself at the time.  But too late now.

It doesn’t change a word of what I said

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