For almost 8 years, Jeff Zucker is the president of CNN Worldwide.

And how has CNN, which (amazingly) still touts itself as “the must trusted name in news” made out over this time?

I’m not talking about the viewership levels, which would have gotten most people in his position fired (not Zucker, though).  I’m talking about trust as a news source…which I associate with neutrality.

Maybe these tapes of Zucker’s discussions with his personnel on how to handle the news – which Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe somehow is in possession of (I probably don’t want to know how), will provide some insight:

Does that inspire confidence that CNN should be considered a trusted source of neutral news?  Not in my world.  How about yours?

Mr. O’Keefe promises that this is just a piece of what he has; that there is more to come and it will be released during the week.

Let’s see where it leads us.

One other thing:  as a matter of disclosure, I have met Frank Chalian (though I assure you he doesn’t remember it) a few times – but when he was a child.  If Mr. Chalian is interested in finding out the circumstances, all he has to do is ask.  But I’ll give him a hint:  I know Mike and Myrna split up a long time ago, but I hope they’re both doing well.

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