This weekend I blogged about Hillary Clinton’s latest, “gratest” whine, that “they were never going to let me be President”.

Now, award-winning actor James Woods, whose career was derailed by the fact that he has expressed openly conservative views on some (not all) issues, has tweeted an answer…which is so on-target that I thought I would put it up for you to see:

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James Woods

You couldn’t beat 1.) a dope-smoking block party organizer, 2.) a dandruff ridden old Commie from Vermont, or 3.) a reality TV host. It’s not “they” who stopped you, Honey Bunny, it’s YOU!


Did he nail this one, or what?

Incidentally, “gratest” is not a misspelling.  Over the past 15 months, Hillary Clinton’s whines about losing the presidential election have become more and more grating.  So I expanded use of the verb “grate” to the superlative case.  Hey, it fits, doesn’t it?

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