For whatever it is worth….

…..I have viewed the alleged Hunter Biden sex video.  You can too, by clicking here (warning:  it is obviously graphic in nature).

It is dark and somewhat indistinct.  But you can clearly see a naked man with an erection, being stroked by a woman – first with her feet and then her hand – with the man at some point late in the tape, helping things along by stroking himself.

I do not know who the people in this tape are.  I can’t see their faces.  But their voices are distinct, so people who know the voice of Hunter Biden and/or the woman might be able to definitively identify them.

What I also don’t know is why Hunter Biden’s sex life, whatever I might think of it, has any relevance to whether I would or would not vote for Joe Biden.

If this were a video of Hunter Biden making a deal with a Chinese company, contingent on Joe Biden’s helping the deal along, that would be meaningful to me.   I don’t know that such a video exists.

If the video were of Joe Biden bragging about successfully getting a prosecutor investigating Burisma fired by threatening to withhold $1 billion dollars in U.S aid – Burisma being the company Hunter Biden was making millions from without doing a thing to earn it, apparently hired only because of what Papa Joe could bring to the table?   That would definitely be meaningful to me.  And the video does exist.  You can see it here.

Similarly, if there were a tape compiling emails suggesting Joe Biden’s using his political power and influence to enrich Hunter, and himself in the bargain – the ones we have seen limited reporting of because mainstream media are so diligently attempting to suppress them?  That would be especially meaningful.  The more we see of them and the more they are made public (if mainstream media would ever let it happen), the more it will, or at any rate should, impact this election.

As for the sex videos?  If one of them turns up with Joe Biden in it, let’s see it.

Otherwise, if you want to view porn you certainly don’t need a dimly lit video of the alleged Hunter Biden video.  Anyone who wants to see porn can find it on the internet in about two seconds flat, for free.

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