CNN, the New York Times, and other happy-as-clam media, told us that Ivanka Trump was “booed and hissed” by the crowd when she appeared in Germany with Chancellor Angela Merkel

This report, from the German newspaper Bild and excerpted from Peter Hasson’s article at dailycaller.com, tells a very different story:

“Many people were surprised by Ivanka Trump’s performance in Berlin. Contrary to the stereotype, the daughter of the US President made a sophisticated and level-headed impression at the panel discussion with Chancellor Angela Merkel, Queen Máxima of the Netherlands, and head of the IMF, Christine Lagarde. The glamorous White House ambassador also cleverly handled a controversial issue,” the paper reports.

“US media, however, are focusing on something else: they claim that Ivanka was booed and sneered at.”

According to the paper, there was “some unrest” in the audience, but nothing like US media outlets reported. CNN reported that Ivanka was booed and hissed by the crowd when she defended her father.”Ivanka Trump Got Jeered in Germany, and Late Night Joins In,” wrote The New York Times. Time Magazine devoted not one but two stories to pushing the narrative that Ivanka was booed. The Washington Post pushed out a piece titled, “Germany booed Ivanka Trump. America says she doesn’t belong in the White House.”

According to Bild, however, such claims by the media didn’t resembles what actually happened. “There was no booing or heckling at all, however,” Bild reports.

“This makes it even more surprising that US media are painting an entirely different picture of Ivanka’s appearance in Berlin. The murmuring that could be heard as Ivanka defended her father against criticism was interpreted as massive booing of the President’s daughter.”

In other words, if Bild is correct, the stories about Ivanka Trump were fake news, from purveyors of fake news who hate Donald Trump.

And Bild very definitely IS correct.  Here is the proof – the audio and video of when it was supposed to have happened. – complete with a similarly dishonest appraisal from London’s Independent.

Yes there was a slight negative undercurrent for all of maybe two seconds.  The end.  Nothing else.  Then, not one sound of negativity when Ms. Trump went on to defend her father.  Zero.  Zip.  Nada. None at all

Liars.  Frauds.  Pathetic paid propagandists.

How dare they call themselves journalists.  By what standard do they qualify?

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