The tax legislation that ha put more money in the pockets of tens of millions of people is political magic.  This is a fact that even the Trump-hating New York Times can’t get around.

Excerpted from article in yesterday’s Times:

The tax overhaul that President Trump signed into law now has more supporters than opponents, buoying Republican hopes for this year’s congressional elections.

The growing public support for the law coincides with an eroding Democratic lead when voters are asked which party they would like to see control Congress. And it follows an aggressive effort by Republicans, backed by millions of dollars of advertising from conservative groups, to persuade voters of the law’s benefits.

That campaign has rallied support from Republicans, in particular. But in contrast with many other issues — including Mr. Trump’s job approval rating — it also appears to be winning over some Democrats. Support for the law remains low among Democrats, but it has doubled over the past two months and is twice as strong as their approval of Mr. Trump today.

Over all, 51 percent of Americans approve of the tax law, while 46 percent disapprove, according to a poll for The New York Times conducted between Feb. 5 and Feb. 11 by SurveyMonkey. Approval has risen from 46 percent in January and 37 percent in December, when the law was passed.

Other recent polls have shown similar upswings for the law, including a Monmouth University Poll in late January that found support for it had risen to 44 percent nationally, from 26 percent in December.

Usually, I ascribe political stupidity to Republicans far more than Democrats.  But not this time.

Case in point:  consider the bonuses, raises and lower taxes generated from the tax legislation.  Is it any surprise that this trifecta appeals to voters?

-Is there any doubt that Republicans will spend the 2018 campaign reminding voters that every Democrat, without exception, voted against the legislation which provided all three?

-Is there any doubt that Republicans will run ads showing how much money is coming into the country via investments, now that the corporate tax rate is 40% lower?  Or how many companies have committed jobs to the USA for that reason?

-Is there any doubt Republicans will run ads with Nancy Pelosi looking down her nose at the people who this money means something to, telling them it’s just “crumbs” – maybe while superimposing her personal net worth on the screen to tag her with a (100% justified) “Marie Antoinette” comparison?

It’s the economy, stupid.  It really is.

And “stupid” defines a political party which unendingly attacked the legislation which so clearly can be shown to have improved the economy.

This is just about the last thing Democrats would want to run on in the 2018 midterm elections.  But it is what Republicans, if they collectively have an ounce of brains, will make good and sure they do run on.

Let the games begin.

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  • I wonder if the 46% who disapprove of the tax cuts will give the extra money they get back to the government? After all they must be very principled people.

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