The answer:  maybe.

From a just-published article at, we have this:

In a press release, the Honduran Foreign Ministry said 2,000 people in the migrant caravan have now returned to Honduras from the Guatemala border with Mexico.

In addition, the foreign ministry says 400 more Hondurans in the caravan will be on their way back. 

The foreign ministry said in the release the “atypical and irregular mobilization… was organized with political purposes and low deceptions.” 

Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernández also promised an offer of jobs and other type of aid to those who return to the country. 

Do I trust the Honduran Foreign Ministry, or anyone/anything connected with what passes for government in that thoroughly corrupt country?  Not even as far as I can throw them.

But, on the theory that it might be true, or at least partially true, to that extent President Trump’s hard-line stance on this so-called “caravan” – which is well organized, well taken care of and clearly timed to the mid-term elections (what an amazing coincidence!) – may be working.

Money is what governments like those of Honduras, and Guatemala, and Mexico (though it’s more complicated there) understand better than just about any other consideration.  If they truly believe Trump will cut off the aid they stuff their pockets help their people with, then the “caravan” is in big trouble.

Let’s hope it is.  The last thing we need is another wave of angry illegals who do not give a damn about the USA (take a look at which countries’ flags they are waving) demanding to come here and either take jobs from legal residents or live off the taxpayers.

When do our media talk about the beyond-deplorable conditions in those countries?  The corruption?  The crime rates – especially murder?  The diseases unvetted illegals will bring across our borders?

Let me provide just one specific insight for you:  the murder rate per 100,000 inhabitants.  Assuming murders in the three “caravan” countries are as likely to be reported to authorities as they are in the United States (which I do not at all believe):

-The United States’s murder rate is 5.35 per 100,000.

-By contrast, Mexico’s murder rate is 19.26 – more than three times as high.  Guatemala’s is 27.26 – over five times as high.  And Honduras is 56.52, more than ten times as high.

Another area that should be a major concern is the drug trade – which is rampant in all three countries.

Reminding you again:  the “caravan” is comprised of unvetted people.  We have no idea who they are, whether the “families” really are families, and what the motives of “caravan” members are.

Is this what you want?  Do you really support the entry of unvetted people from these countries?  Are you happy with how this has turned out so far?

The people supporting this “caravan” apparently are.  And if you’re one of them, I recommend you vote for candidates sympathetic to illegals crossing a porous border.  If you’re not, I recommend you vote for their opponents.

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  • Are you happy with how this has turned out so far? . . . . . . . . The people supporting this “car </bavan” apparently are.

    Follow The Money
    WHO is paying for the buses, feeding 4,000 people, all the organizing, the Porta-Potties, etc.

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