From Jennifer Jacobs and Chris Strohm’s article article at, we have this:

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein told President Donald Trump last week that he isn’t a target of any part of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation or the probe into his longtime lawyer, Michael Cohen, according to several people familiar with the matter.

Rosenstein, who brought up the investigations himself, offered the assurance during a meeting with Trump at the White House last Thursday, a development that helped tamp down the president’s desire to remove Rosenstein or Mueller, the people said.

Is that true?  Did Rosenstein – who certainly is in a position to know – really say this to President Trump?

Because it is – if after all the investigating (it’s close to a year’s worth now), all the indictments and all the charges against several of the people around Trump, they’ve found nothing on him….

…then, unless I’m missing something, Trump is in the clear. How else could you read it?

If true – again I qualify this, because we only have one report citing anonymous sources – then, it seems to me, this investigation is very soon to be shut down.

Maybe then they can start the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s fully evidenced collusion with a foreign national, Christopher Steele, the Russian nationals he used to write his dossier, and the intentional withholding of the dossier’s source so that a FISA judge could issue the warrant that started this wild goose chase.

Think that’ll happen soon…if, for no other reason that it should happen soon?  Don’t bet the ranch on it.

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  • President Trump is cleared of all charges of nefarious conduct.

    However, it all depends on what the definition of ” I S ” is.

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