A week ago media were assuring us, in most dire terms, that President Trump’s decision to take out a mass-murdering Iranian terrorist was pushing us to the brink of war.

Well, there’s no war.  At least not in the United States.

But Iran’s shooting down of Ukraine International Airlines flight 752, killing all 176 people aboard (about half of them Iranian, most of the rest Canadian), and then trying to blame it on the United States…

…has spurred large, and getting larger by the day, protests against terrorist-supporting head of state Ayatollah Kahmenei and the cadre of hardline, terrorist-supporting lunatics around him.  Not just in Tehran but in more and more cities around the country.

And unlike the government-sponsored (required?) protests against the United States, these are spontaneous.  They are real.  They are from the heart.

This has happened before.  And the regime has, in the past, been able to suppress the protesters and retain power – which they continued to use for, among other things, their ongoing programs of international terrorism.

Will this be the time they can’t suppress it?  Will this be the straw that, politically and power-wise, finally breaks the Ayatollah’s back?

How great that would be!!

I would lie to say I expect it to happen.  The people who have produced Iran’s 40 year reign of terror are not about to give up power without a fight – which, as we know from past experience, has included the killing of their own people.  Lots of them.

But this time – unlike the 2009 protests when Barack Obama was President – they have the strong backing of the United States.  President Trump has made this perfectly clear.

That backing may be what has emboldened some of the braver among them to wave American flags on the streets of Tehran.  And to step around American and Israeli flags painted on streets, instead of walking over them (which is what the government expects/insists they do).

These events notwithstanding, I admit to still being skeptical that there will be any change in the Iranian government.

But I can hope.  And that is what I am doing.

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