This is Joe Biden speaking, today, from his home.

Watch and listen to him fall apart, twice, in one minute’s time.

Was this because he lost his place on the teleprompter?  Or because it malfunctioned?

Either way, it is crystal clear that, if he is not reading, he is lost.  Gone.  Incapable of speaking intelligently or even intelligibly.

If this were your child’s elementary school teacher, you would wonder about his competence.

But he is not your child’s elementary school teacher.  He is the prohibitive favorite to be the Democrat Party’s nominee for President of the United States.

Democrats cannot allow this to happen.

Watch the video again.  Then add it to the voluminous number of similarly cringe-worthy incidents over the past months.

Is there any doubt that Joe Biden is clearly impaired.  Diminished.  Marginally functional?

Think about it honestly.  Can you come to any other conclusion?

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