Great question.

I don’t know the answer, at least not yet.  But I do have Donald Trump’s peronal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, telling us why he believes it is, via Beth Baumann’s commentary at

You have the link, do yourself a favor and read Mr. Giuliani’s entire explanation.  But, in the meanwhile, here is what I consider the key segment:  Giuliani’s explanation of how the computer store owner acquired this material, which he claims to have sent to the FBI before passing it on to Giuliani:

“The way I came to have this was my lawyer was contacted by this gentleman who owns this store that fixes hard drives. Hunter Biden had come into the store probably a year ago, turned over three devices. The guy couldn’t fix one, fixed the other immediately and had to keep the hard drive,” Giuliani explained. “Hunter Biden came back in two days and brought him some kind of keyboard that would help and within a fairly short period of time he had it fixed. He started calling Biden to pick it up. Couldn’t get any answer, any response, didn’t get paid.”

“For some reason Hunter Biden never showed up. One of the reasons may be, the gentleman says, Hunter Biden was so drunk that he had a little trouble even getting his name out. And since I’ve now looked at the hard drive I find that to be very credible because – and this may be an exaggeration – but he looks like he’s high on crack every other day for the last five or six years.”

Is this plausible?  Sure it is.  Do we know if it is true?  No, we don’t.

But as John Hinderaker points out in his very worthwhile commentary about the Biden computer;

The (New York) Post’s documents show a level of corruption that is remarkable even by Swamp standards–for example, Joe Biden proposing to take equity in a Chinese company secretly, through a 10 percent stake held on his behalf by Hunter. But how do we know that they are genuine?

First, because Biden hasn’t denied that the hard drive belonged to Hunter, and the documents contained thereon are real. His calling the Post’s stories a “smear” was a non-denial denial.

Second, because there is a witness. The Democrats have to be careful, because there is a real, live repair shop owner who is ready to explain what happened and to vouch for the integrity of the hard drive. I think this is largely why Biden et al. have gone to ground rather than seriously contest the corruption to which Hunter’s files testify.

One thing about this story is undeniable: our media, and at least two of the most important social media sites – facebook and twitter –  are trying their best to bury this story.

Let’s all hope that the truth, regardless of which direction it leads us and what it tells us about Biden, Giuliani or Trump, comes out in full.

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