Wasn’t the list of Democrat presidential hopefuls getting shorter?

Well it was……but look what is now happening.  Within the last week, we have found out that:

-Michael Bloomberg is, at least, giving the appearance of intending to run for the Democrat presidential nomination,

-Hillary Clinton keeps making comments that suggest she’s game for one more try – with former Clinton pollster/adviser Mark Penn suggesting it could happen,

-and now, former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick is making noises about running as well.

This is remarkable.  I’ve been watching politics for a long time, and I don’t recall this many potential nominees coming into the picture anywhere near this late in the game.

So the question is, why?  Why would one, two or maybe even three serious contenders consider a run just a couple of months before the primaries?

The one most logical, most obvious answer?  That they think, even at this late date, they have a serious chance to overtake the people currently running…

…which means they think the current crop – led by Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and (far back but moving upward) Peter Buttigieg – would be strong presidential candidates.

If just one of these three was considering a late-inning play for the nomination, it probably would be laughed off as a hail-mary move.

But three of them?  That’s not some hail-mary move, that’s a studied conclusion that the Democrat field is so weak a new entrant can blow by them all.

If I were a Democrat strategist, this would worry the hell out of me…and if I were a Republican strategist, it would put a broad smile on my face.

We, of course, will keep an eye – make that both eyes – open to see if and how these three make their moves.

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