The question has to be asked.  Because Governor Sisolak just put this policy into effect:


Chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine are both fully approved medications and both are readily available for use.  The testing  that has been done for chloroquine as a treatment for COVID-19 – admittedly among very small numbers of patients in France – shows major success:  not as a preventative, but to significantly reduce the severity of the virus for patients who have contracted it.

So this supposedly sane Governor is now going to PROHIBIT their use for people who are sick and may be dying, because they might hoard it?

If you want to legislate, Governor, how about legislating stiff fines for hoarding chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine?  Not for using it in the absence of any other treatment.

Yes, it is true that, as noted above, the testing was only with a tiny number of patients – about 24 of them.  But:

a) again, the testing showed great success, and

b) in any event, in the absence of any alternative treatment, why on earth would a governor prevent someone from taking it, or any other treatment that might help?

What is the down side?  Even if it turns out to be less effective than this testing shows, or not effective at all, absolutely nothing is lost.

The rationale, so far as I can determine one, seems to be “yeah, it might work, but it might not too, so you can’t have any; just sit tight, suffer, and maybe you won’t die before someone comes up with something else”.

That is what Governor Sisolak has forced on Nevadans.

Is it insane?  You do the math.


  • The government has been making medical decisions for quite awhile now.
    My pain management doctor says the DEA and FDA are threatening him over the medications he has prescribed to me for the last 15 years. He is going to stop prescribing them even though they are the only medications that work for my combination of pain and other medical problems that prevent me from using many of the normally prescribed pain meds.
    The doctor even said and I quote, “The federal government won’t allow me to medically treat my patients”. They are even going after the pharmacies, the last three I went to had to close because they said they were filling too many prescriptions for pain medicine [opiates]. So now even though I have a prescription I can’t get it filled.
    I contacted a law firm in DC that specializes in suits against the federal government, they said they couldn’t help me. So, most likely I will be taking my own live in the near future.

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