The above title is not meant as a sarcasm.  It is meant as a serious question.

Here is Ms. Pelosi, just yesterday, slurring her words, forgetting what she is saying in mid-sentence, and…well, watch the video and see/hear for yourself:

Is that troubling to you?  It certainly is to me.

And if you google “Nancy Pelosi slurs words” you will find that there have been a number of similar mental disassociations by Ms. Pelosi over the past couple of years.

I do not wish Nancy Pelosi ill.  But there are inevitable conclusions to be drawn from events like this when they happen over and over.

It is time for mainstream media to stop burying them and thereby protecting her.  It is time for them to suggest – gently and with good will – that she resign.

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  • Nancy Pelosi’s communism is shining through for all to see. How can the US government lower the price of anything? They produce absolutely nothing that anyone would want to buy. She has been unfit for office for many many years now. As a Californian I am always shocked when they announce the results of elections. With 0% reporting they declare the top dems winners.

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