First, a quick chronology.

Tuesday: Megyn Kelly makes an amazingly stupid comment questionning why it would be a problem for children to go Halloween trick-or-treating in blackface.

Wednesday: Kelly, having been heavily criticized for the comment, and tagged either as someone, at best, astonishingly insensitive to the racial implications of her statement or, at worst, an overt racist, makes a tearful on-air apology.

Thursday: Kelly’s live show is suddenly canceled and a rerun is put on instead.

What does this mean?

Well, it could be as simple as an inflamed appendix , or some family issue.

But, if I’m betting, I’m betting that a decision was made to summarily dump her show, and she won’t be back – which, given Kelly’s chronically low ratings, would be beneficial to NBC regardless of the intent of her comment, even with the king’s ransom they will have to pay her as a settlement.

We’ll probably know by the end of the day.


UPDATE: It is now being reported that the deed is done.  Megyn Kelly’s show is no more..

Will NBC find a way to get out from under the remainder of her massive $23,000,000 a year contract?  I’m sure the network will try.

That should be fun.

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