Foreign money being pumped into our presidential election is not legal. Joe Biden and his campaign certainly know this.

But, with that in mind, how do you explain this – excerpted from Emma Colton’s article for the Washington Examiner (NOT any mainstream media source, of course):

Almost half of the donations received by ActBlue, a massive liberal fundraising platform, in 2019 were from “unemployed” donors.

“Our biggest concern is foreign money. Do you really believe that half of the people who are giving money through ActBlue don’t have a job?” John Pudner, the president of Take Back Action Fund, which conducted the research, told the Washington Times. “To me, that just seems absurd.”

The conservative nonprofit analyzed data from the Federal Elections Commission and found that 48.4% of donations last year were from the unemployed, Fox News reported.

“After downloading hundreds of millions of [dollars in] donations to the Take Back Action Fund servers, we were shocked to see that almost half of the donations to ActBlue in 2019 claimed to be unemployed individuals,” Pudner said. “The name of employers must be disclosed when making political donations, but more than 4.7 million donations came from people who claimed they did not have an employer. Those 4.7 million donations totaled $346 million ActBlue raised and sent to liberal causes.”

The data also found that in 2020, there was an uptick of “unemployed” donations to ActBlue to the tune of 51%.

A quick reminder:  last year, unemployment started at 4% and dropped through the year to 3.5% in December.

But, somehow, half the people who contributed to this Democrat political repository were “unemployed” and therefore didn’t have to give very much information about who they were/had dropped below 4% and below.

And then we have this:

Pudner…said the platform is open to credit card donations that aren’t verified, which could lead to foreign donations without paper trails…

Starting to catch the aroma?

Yep, $346 million dollars in funds came into ActBlue from hardcore unemployed (at 3.5% unemployment, that’s exactly what they would have to have been).  $346 million unverified dollars.

You would have to be a potato to believe this.  A big Idaho spud…

…which leads to the question of why, if this is information is so readily available that Ms. Colton could find it, have no mainstream media venues reported it as well?  Do they have less resources than the Washington Examiner website?

The answer?  Well, it’s the same answer to the question of why mainstream media have buried the issue of Hunter Biden’s “I don’t have any qualifications, but I got millions and millions of dollars from Burisma, and from China, when daddy was Vice President and had influence to peddle” career.

“Journalists”?  These paid propagandists call themselves “journalists”?  I doubt they can spell the word.

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