I’m not comfortable with the language used by John Hinderaker of in questioning whether Joe Biden is in full possession of his faculties.

But, based on Biden’s daily misstatements and lapses of memory (I mean this literally, not figuratively), it is a legitimate issue.

Here, from Mr. Hinderaker’s just published commentary, are two key paragraphs:

The Democratic Party has a serious problem: their front-runner for the presidential nomination is a dope. You have read about Joe Biden’s “gaffes”: he can’t remember Barack Obama’s name, he tells a story about military heroism that is wrong in every detail, he can’t remember that by 2018, when the Parkland shooting happened, he was long gone from the vice presidency, and so on. Biden can’t get through a day without a blunder that makes headlines.

I think there is zero chance that Joe Biden will be the Democrats’ 2020 presidential nominee. He is obviously not up to the task, and Democratic primary voters are not in the mood to select a deeply confused, 76-year-old white man to run for president. The nominee will be someone else. But the fact that no candidate has stepped forward to seize the mantle–or even exceed Biden’s total in a poll!–shows how thin the Democrats’ bench is.

There is a lot to think about here.

The fact that Biden has become a doddering shell of what he used to be (if he ever was, as Hinderaker skeptically points out) makes the prospect of a Biden candidacy disastrous for Democrats.  So why, then, has no alternative candidate flown ahead of him in the polls?

Here’s a possible reason for you:  the main alternatives at this point – Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders – are so far to the left, so radically removed from what was the Democrat mainstream just a couple of years ago – that a large number of Democrats would rather support Doddering Joe than either of them.

And if that is the case, unless another candidate moves forward Democrats are faced with the prospect of either a stumbling, bumbling Joe Biden candidacy (which – forget partisan politics – would be a disaster for our country) or someone so far left that multitudes of Democrat voters, maybe holding their noses, would vote for Donald Trump instead.

Maybe it’s just me, but I detect an opening here for another Hillary Clinton candidacy – if, for no other reason, to rescue the party from Biden, Warren and Sanders…

…and I don’t doubt for a second that Hillary Clinton detects the same opening I do.

Can it be that the Democrat back-up scenario is a candidate so bad that she lost to Trump in the first place?

To be continued…



  • Dick Morris had an interesting theory. He said with Biden gone and everyone else so far left as to be crazy, the door is open for Michael Bloomberg to step thru.

    • That’s a very interesting thought – and one that would simultaneously put Trump’s people into orgasmic ecstasies while giving every Democrat operative a spontaneous apoplexy.

      Michael Bloomberg ran Republican for Mayor of New York City because, although a lifelong Democrat, that was the where he could get a spot on the ballot. After winning the mayoralty, he left the Republican Party – first to become an independent and now to become, for lack of a better term, an Independocrat (something between independent and Democrat).

      If Bloomberg runs, he will not win. But he will pull in a lot of moderate votes. The problem for Democrats is that – at least as I see it – the vast majority of those moderates would come from their Party.

      If I’m right, a Bloomberg candidacy probably gives the Midwest and Florida to Trump…game set and match against whomever Democrats run.

  • We see it all the time, a Democrat accuses a Republican of exactly what they themselves have done.
    So lets consider why Biden might be leading in the polls.
    The D’s call R’s racists and misogynists.

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