Hillary Clinton.  Remember her?

She ran for President in 2016.  She lost to, arguably, the most unelectable major party presidential candidate in United States history, and has spent the last three years telling us she takes full responsibility for the loss – then whining that it was everyone’s fault but hers.

And now, as it becomes more disturbingly clear to Democrats that the front-runners for next year’s election are the Trifecta of Disaster – enough so that Michael Bloomberg is revving up for a run (that would be disaster #4)…..

….is a one-more-try Hillary candidacy looming?

Former Clinton pollster Mark Penn seems to think so.  And here is what he has to say about it, via excerpts from Nick Givas’ s article in the New York Post:

There is still time for Hillary Clinton and Michael Bloomberg to enter the 2020 presidential race, as a field of weak candidates continues to fuel speculation of a dark horse savior, said former Clinton strategist Mark Penn on Sunday.

“There’s still a couple of days here,” he said on “Sunday Morning Futures.” “I don’t know whether [Clinton will] look at the Michael Bloomberg thing and say, ‘the field’s too crowded now. I missed my opportunity,’ or the opposite.

” ‘Wow the field’s weak, I could come in. I could get 165,000 donors (the number necessary to qualify for the debates), I’m tied with [Joe] Biden in some of these early states…’ There’s still a political logic there for her,” Penn continued.

He also commented on Biden’s tenuous position as the party’s frontrunner and said other candidates have shifted too far to the left to be seen as viable options to defeat President Trump.

I don’t know what the exact definition of A Political Party In Trouble is…but I have to think that “A party whose main hope might be the candidate who lost last time” is pretty close…

…and, given what Democrats are working with right now, Hillary Clinton might be their main hope.

Are you looking forward to an entire year of Trump/Clinton/Bloomberg/Warren/Biden/Sanders?

Neither am I.

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  • The news media need to add CGI to their repertoire of lies. That is the only way they can make Hillary seem healthy.

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