Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is a study in how many lies a presidential candidate can tell, and how many ludicrous “free for all” proposals the candidate can pump out to the electorate, and still be a viable candidate.

If the latest polling is any indication, we may be finding out our answer.  And it won’t be a very good one for Ms. Warren.

Excerpted from Caitlin Oprysko’s article at

Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s support among Democratic primary voters nationwide plunged 50 percent over the past month, according to a new Quinnipiac University poll, signaling that the shake-ups in the primary field are far from over.

But Warren’s plummet — 14 points since the previous Quinnipiac poll taken a month ago — represents a brutal dive as the first nominating contests of 2020 inch closer. Warren has come under fire over the past few months since a summertime ascendance lifted her into the top tier of the primary field. She has received particularly intense scrutiny for her “Medicare for All” plan, including how she would pay for it.

If this poll (and it’s not the only one showing Warren’s decline) is accurate, it obviously is not good for candidate Warren.  Not good at all.

And even worse for Democrats, the two candidates who are rising in the polls/taking up Warren’s slack seemed to be Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg, both of whom carry a ton of baggage into this campaign ( e.g. Biden’s nonstop gaffes/Hunter Biden, and Buttigieg’s problems with Black voters).

What’s next? Where will this go from here?

No one knows for sure. But don’t doubt that it’s going to be interesting.

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