Is the long-awaited report from Inspector General Michael Horowitz, detailing (among other things) the FISA abuse that created a two-plus year collusion/obstruction witch hunt against President Trump that turned up nothing, finally going to be released?

According to Senator Lindsey Graham, the answer is yes.  And the date is December 9th.

In his own words, while on Hannity last night:

“It’ll be December 9th — you’ll get the report.  That’s locked”

And, to buttress his claim, Graham also told us that Horowitz was scheduled to testify about his report to the Senate Judiciary Committee – which he chairs – on December 11th, two days afterward.

You aren’t called to testify about a report that no one has seen.

Folks, we’ve heard claims about the imminent release of IG Horowitz’s report before.  But this time, with a set date for Mr. Horowitz to testify?  It actually sounds real this time.

We’ll see.


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