Here is a picture of colin kaepernik at a press conference, after sitting out the National Anthem this weekend.  Please note his choice of attire:


For those of you not familiar with the shirt, it is a celebration of….

….fidel castro.  The murdering butcher – and RACIST – who, with his brother, has run communist Cuba for the past 56 years.

(Yes, he is also wearing a Malcolm X hat.)

I wonder if kaepernik understands that a one-party political system with 100% state controlled news, that jams transmission signals so that its people can’t hear anything but that news, just might be practicing oppression.

And I wonder if he has any idea how many Black people there are in Cuba (over 10% fully Black, another 20 – 25% mixed Black)…and how few of them have ever gotten anywhere near power under the castro brothers.

In fairness, I suppose that, since Cuba is a desperately poor country, and virtually no one of any color has much, kaepernik could rationalize that as a form of equality.

But if kaepernik did, he would have to exclude his hero fidel, whose estimated net worth is $900 million dollars.  The Cuban people have next to nothing, but castro is a near billionaire off their backs.  If that doesn’t count as oppression to kaepernik, he MUST be the dumbest man in the NFL.

On the other hand, maybe now, having now been advised of this, kaepernik would like to pledge a little of his $114 million dollar contract to the good works fidel and raul castro are offering to their people.  (It won’t be that painful, colin, because, since there is almost nothing in the way of such good works, there won’t be much to contribute to.)

Note to the Cuban people:  don’t count on it.

Or maybe kaepernik could use some of his fortune to take a few courses in third grade logic and common sense.

That would be money very well spent.


  • colin kaepernik is running a Confidence Game.

    Just look at his left arm, right below the hem of the T-shirt sleeve. The tattoo clearly says ‘Confidence’. Truth in advertising.

    The dude is merely looking for free publicity – just wants his name tossed about. Maybe he wants some playing time or to be traded. – * Big – Yawn * –

  • Zeke, not traded he wants to be picked up. The rumor is he is going to be cut by SF. He hasn’t performed well since he was injured.

  • The shirt is not quite in celebration of Fidel Castro, rather it has more to do with Malcolm X which the media seems to ignore. It’s commemorating two political figures meeting togther to discuss opression. The pictures on his shirt are of Malcolm X meeting Fidel Castro in 1960. Fidel was in NYC to speak at the United Nations, he wasn’t welcomed downtown so Malcolm suggested he stay in Harlem.

    • sapphire – point very well taken. I remember castro staying at Harlem’s Hotel Theresa, which was a brilliant pulbic relations move. But it does not change who and what Castro was.

      Malcolm X – who, ironically, was assassinated while transforming from Black separatism to a more tolerant view of racial interactions – met with many people. Why would his meeting with the murdering butcher castro, who has kept Cuba’s large Black population in a secondary, subservient role for over half a century, be the one kaepernik featured? How dumb is that?

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