This has got to be a test to see just how far a network is willing to go before it suspends one of its anchors.

The profanity-laden video you are about to see, if you are willing to endure it, is of CNN anchor Chris Cuomo reacting to someone in a MAGA hat who referred to him as “Fredo”.

Fredo, as you probably know, is a reference to the less intelligent of the three Corleone brothers in “The Godfather”.

Some conservative commentators, Rush Limbaugh among them, refer to Cuomo as “Fredo” – an insult to his intelligence compared, presumably, to his brother Andrew, who is Governor of New York State.

But, in the video, Cuomo insists on taking it as a slur against all Italians, probably because a slur against all Italians instead of his personal intelligence is a) not a personal evaluation of his intelligence, but b) an opportunity to become extremely profane and threatening to the person who said it.

Here is the video.

Tell me: does this come across as somebody with the intelligence and restraint that you would assume necessary for a news anchor?

How could Cumo not have simply ignored the man, or said “I don’t respond to insults” and walked away?

And even if he felt it necessary to respond, how could Cuomo pepper that response with over a dozen uses of the “F” word, among other profanities?

Will CNN suspend cuomo? How can they not?   If this is a serious news organization, the only issue should be for how long.

UPDATE:  We now have CNN’s response:

“Chris Cuomo defended himself when he was verbally attacked with the use of an ethnic slur,” CNN Vice President of Communications Matt Dornic tweeted. “We completely support him.”

There you have it, folks. Using gutter language and threatening to throw somebody down a flight of stairs for daring to toss an insult – something that Cuomo and other CNN personalities do every single day?  No problema.

No wonder the network’s ratings are so terrif…oh, wait


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